Mastering Project Management:
Controlling Risk, Time, Cost


Region: Anywhere
Duration: 16 hours
Training format: Blended
Venue Location: Zoom
Language: English/Spanish

US$ 750 per participant

Course Overview

Step into the domain of unparalleled project control with our course, "Mastering Project Management: Controlling Risk, Time, and Cost". Centered around the quintessential business management facets of project management, this course offers a thorough exploration into the art and science of effectively managing and controlling the pivotal trio: Time, Money, and Risk.

Course Highlights:

  • Business Management Core: Navigate the complex terrain of business aspects in project management, ensuring a holistic approach to project execution.
  • Performance Metrics: Learn the intricacies of measuring, evaluating, and adjusting project performance to align with set objectives, ensuring projects remain on track and within the defined scope.
  • Outcomes-driven Approach: Every strategy and technique is tailored to drive superior project outcomes, boosting the overall organizational success rate.

Course Structure:

Identifying and Mitigating Project Risk: Craft robust risk management strategies to safeguard project outcomes.

Controlling Project Costs and Budgets: Ensure fiscal responsibility while balancing project needs.

Managing Time and Project Meetings: Harness time as an ally, optimizing every minute for project success.

Completing and Closing Projects: Celebrate milestones while ensuring a comprehensive project wrap-up.

Who Should Attend?

From budding project enthusiasts to seasoned project managers aiming for meticulous control over their projects, this course is a beacon of excellence and control in the project management world.

Competency Areas Covered:

  • Resource Usage and Management
  • Understanding Systems
  • Financial Management and Budgeting
  • Self-Direction and Decisiveness
  • Planning and Evaluation
  • Management Controls