Our success model consists of four pillars:


  1. Organizational enabler competencies
  2. People competencies
  3. Industry-specific competencies and service domain competencies.
  4. Service domain competencies
Project Management Consulting Services

Our Partners

We are always looking for partners, that allow us to give answers to our clients, providing new ways to manage your work.

The PMzone simulation board game workshop is a game-based seminar that provides experienced and occasional project managers and their team members with a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts and main challenges of project management, through an enjoyable, hands-on experience.

What is a RAID log for?

A RAID log is a simple but powerful tool for managing the delivery of work. The origins of RAID logs are lost to the dust of time; they were old-school 20+ years ago when I first learned about them. In my PM fantasies, I like to imagine Imhotep using a RAID log written in hieroglyphics when building pyramids in ancient Egypt. Whatever their origins, RAID logs continue to be incredibly useful not just because of their simplicity, but also because of their versatility.

What is in a RAID log?

In its original and most simple form, a RAID log is a spreadsheet with four tabs; one each for tracking Risks, Action items, Issues, and Decisions (R.A.I.D.) for a project. We’ll talk more about how to use this log, how to extend it and other ways to host your RAID log throughout this book. But let’s start with the basics of a RAID log: Risks, Action items, Issues and Decisions.

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